Good old-fashioned common sense advice

Life is often busy, with little or no downtime. We juggle the demands of family, home, work or children and often forget to look after ourselves.

There are lots of opinions about how to maintain good health, but a helpful dose of good old-fashioned common sense goes a long way.

Use these tips as a guide:

● Sleep well and rise early after a refreshing sleep.
● Exercise at least 30 minutes a day; walk more often.
● Breathe fresh air, drink fresh water.
● Eat fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and a Mediterranean diet.
● Avoid toxins and excesses of anything, including alcohol. Know your limits.
● Have a regular routine; alternate hard work with rest.
● Be creative. Enjoy your work and hobbies.
● Observe and enjoy the rhythms of nature, life and good music.
● Nurture relationships. Spend time with family and friends.
● Be kind and caring. Have fun and laugh, often. Make love, not war.
● Make time daily for meditation, clear thought, reflection, prayer.
● Make your peace before going to bed, and sleep well.

No one expects perfection but it’s the little things you do each day that add up. Staying fit and healthy will help you feel good, keep up and protect your health so you can enjoy life.