Infancy6 week check-up and ongoing routine immunisations & check-ups
Early ChildhoodGrowth & development, and any acute ailments
ChildhoodInfections, ears, coughs, asthma, skin rashes
Adolescent & TeenagersProblems and advice for healthy living
Young adultsRelationships, contraception, family planning
PregnancyDiagnosis and referral to midwives for maternity care
Adult CareHealth care and screening for common problems including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart, lung disease, arthritis, and cancer
Elderly CareTrying to simplify health problems aiming for quality of life
  • Advice for a Healthy Life
  • Advice re smoking cessation & alcohol consumption
  • Dietary, weight and exercise
  • Maori & Pacific Islanders Health issues
  • Women’s Health Checks
  • Men’s Health Issues and Check-ups
  • Relationships & Counselling
  • Psychological Problems
  • Driving, Insurance, Diving & Other Medical Examinations
  • Acute & Chronic Illnesses, Investigation, Diagnosis & Treatment or referral
  • Examination & Investigation for diagnosis of unexplained symptoms (or referral)
  • Treatment of accidental injuries & referral to physio or specialist if appropriate
  • Medical Certificates for appropriate time off work due to significant illness
  • Treatment of skin conditions & rashes
  • Cryotherapy (freezing) of warts & some benign skin conditions
  • Minor Surgery for small skin lesions including skin cancers
  • Ear & hearing assessments, ear syringing
  • Cardiovascular risk assessments
  • Electrocardiograms
  • 24hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring
  • Respiratory / breathing assessments
  • Prescriptions – collected or faxed (please allow 24 hours)
  • Rest home visits to the elderly & other home visits when necessary
  • Terminal care, death certification, & bereavement counselling & support


It takes time to listen, examine, diagnose and treat you properly.

Basic Consultation: up to 15 minutes

If you need a longer consultation please say so when you book for an appointment. Longer consultations will be charged more. Please book for an appropriate length of consultation.